Cammie LePlatt, Transition Coordinator for Aztec High School

Cammie LePlatt, Transition Coordinator for Aztec High School, MA in Counseling, Life Coach Highlights: Cammie describes “The Den” which is the student lounge created in the classrooms where a lot of the shooting occurred. She has located her office in the Den and discusses how students are using the space to begin to move forward from the trauma and to define themselves in the wake of the tragedy. She remarks that the shooting is a defining moment and that we can choose to learn positive lessons and strength. Cammie also discusses safety as a verb, as in “to be safed” or “safing” someone. She concludes by discussing some of the courageous and compassionate actions that students are taking. See and click on Healing Heart to Heart to see all videos about healing in the wake of grief and tragedy.

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