May 14, 2018


Heart 2 Heart Strong is a video series to provide support when healing from grief or tragedy. Included are short videos with clergy, counselors, and other healers including a therapy dog trainer. We hope you will share this information widely because it applies to healing from all types of grief, tragedy, and loss, whatever the cause; be it a natural disaster, an accident, a shooting, or terrorism. We hope that it provides some comfort and encouragement.

Heart 2 Heart Strong is dedicated to the memory of Casey Marquez and Paco Fernandez, victims of the Aztec High School shooting, December 7, 2017.


About the Authors

We are Susan and Bill, and we gratefully welcome you to Heart 2 Heart Strong! We have two grown sons and live on a few acres in the southwestern United States. In our own way, we hope to contribute positively to changes happening in our community and around the world.

We envision a global community where people of all nationalities, ages, creeds and walks of life ignite each other’s imaginations for a world where dignity, compassion, hope and safety are the norm. We believe a paradigm shift is possible where growth and change are born out of vision, imagination and love more than out of response to deprivation or tragedy. We imagine solutions emerging that were previously hidden and leaders stepping up because of the encouragement and inspiration that we all generate. We hope that you will contribute and encourage others to share their voices!